Choice is clear: Obama has to go

September 07, 2012

Your headline on Sept. 6, "Clinton sees clear choice," is comic relief to most of us out here who view the Democrats as the party that obviously lives on another planet. Yes, the clear choice in November is do you re-elect a man that had no experience (and it shows) to continue doing absolutely nothing (check his record not his rhetoric) and have the country experience four more years of high unemployment, no leadership, no budgets, failed policies, an astronomically-high deficit, and high gasoline prices? Or do we go with someone who has experience and at least has some proven ideas on how to right this sinking ship?

If Mr. Obama was working (and I use that term loosely) in the private sector, he would have been fired long ago for the miserable job he has done. If former President Bill Clinton sees the choice as voting for the Democrats again, then he is far closer to senility than I ever thought he was.

Clear choice, indeed. Get those Democratic clowns out of the White House so they don't have four more years to think of ways to turn this country into another Greece!

Wayne Brown, Halethorpe

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