Search for missing Shih Tzu a success

Letter to the editor

September 07, 2012

We would like to thank everyone in the Catonsville community who helped us search for our missing dog over the Labor Day weekend.

Our 13-year-old female shih tzu, Ming, escaped from our backyard before or during the storm that swept through on Saturday afternoon, while a friend was dog sitting.

We returned home and frantically canvassed the neighborhood on Sunday and Monday, distributing hundreds of fliers to people at intersections. Friends and strangers alike helped by posting information on Facebook and missing pet websites. Perfect strangers prayed for Ming's safe return, and almost everyone we spoke to was helpful and hopeful.

We especially want to thank Kate and Aaron Alexander, who were out there with us pounding the pavement the whole time; and Jon and Karen Straughn, who made their own fliers and put them up.

Also, Marybeth Raven, her young helper, Holly; and search dog, Pippin, tracked Ming's travels through the greater Westview neighborhood. They led us in getting the flier into the right hands: Kim, who recognized Ming as the dog in the back seat of her friend's car.

And, finally, Nikia, the heaven-sent good Samaritan, who picked up Ming and kept her safe until we could be reunited.

We thank everyone so much. If Ming could talk, she'd thank you, too.

Susan Sanborn and Sherry Tomlinson


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