Design Q&A: Liz Dickson, interior designer

Splash of color in the kitchen; soothing colors for the bedroom

  • A child's bedroom painted Paradise View, a color available from Benjamin Moore Paints.
A child's bedroom painted Paradise View, a color available… (Benjamin Moore Photo, Baltimore…)
September 06, 2012|The Baltimore Sun

I am thinking about refreshing the paint colors in my house this fall, especially in the kitchen and in the bedroom. What kind of new color palette are you seeing right now, particularly for those rooms?

While there are always new color trends emerging in interior design, when refreshing the color palette in your home, the focus should be on the way you combine colors so you can get a fresh new look without abandoning the hues that appeal to your own taste.

In the kitchen, where there is generally minimal wall space and appliances are white, black or stainless-steel, adding bursts of color to the walls can make a statement without overpowering the room. Warm colors such as yellows and reds are great because they're comforting and also stimulate appetite, while colors that are found in nature like greens and browns never go out of style because we are familiar and comfortable with them.

The key is to make sure the palette you select correlates with your countertop and back splash.

In the bedroom, the goal is to create a personal space where you can relax and rejuvenate. Monochromatic schemes where the wall color relates to the bed linens and curtains are a good way to create a tranquil space. Blues, which are soft and relaxing, always work well in the bedroom, as do neutrals, which are nurturing to the soul.

If you a looking for a bolder space, try a warm raspberry accented with a light taupe for a vibrant yet sophisticated feel.

— Liz Dickson is an ASID-certified interior designer. You can reach her at Millbrook Circle Interior Design, 443-846-6046, Do you have an interior design question for our experts? Email us at


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