Letter: Business owners rightly took offense to president's 'help from government' comment

Letter to the editor

September 06, 2012

This letter is in response to Mr. Carnahan's Sept. 6 letter, about the sign in Laurel reading "built this company with no help from the government," where Mr. Carnahan says the sign is a "misguided act of boasting."

First, I would be curious whether Mr. Carnahan owns his own business? Second, it is true that the government, in some important ways, assists businesses, but they also get in the way with too much "assistance." And who pays for this assistance? Us! Third: I have watched my husband for the last 20 years build his business, six days a week, 10-12 hours a day, literally with blood, sweat and tears! Of course after the 10-12-hour day, there is still all the paper work, planning, managing and paying employees. The list is endless. Even so, my husband for one, and I am sure thousands of business owners across America, would not have it any other way and take great pride in what they have built, and that they are providing for their families! So, please don't be quick to judge if someone takes offense at a comment, from our commander-in-chief of all people. I know I took offense, as did thousands of Americans, rightly so!

Debbie Yeagley


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