Letter: Exec's words ring hollow

September 06, 2012


County Executive David Craig's claim that he opposes the planned Walmart on Route 924 but can't do anything about it rings somewhat hollow to those familiar with his past dealing with developers.

When Ryan Homes was told by the Development Advisory Committee that the Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance would not allow them to proceed with a large condominium and town home project at Monmouth Meadows (see DAC meeting minutes, 11/03/10, 5/4/11), they confidently continued to sell the condo units. Meanwhile, Council Bill 11-04 "Introduced by Council President Boniface at the request of the County Executive" per text of the bill, on Feb. 8, 2011, "just happened" to change the APF law in exactly the way needed to allow the project. (Ref. Council Bill 11-04, last page, last item, amending Article XV, Section 267-126, A.3.a.3) This convenient change to the County Code took effect May 23, 2011, Ryan's shell company Montrose Partners then applied for a building permit (#11146B0020) on May 26, and received approval the same day.

It would appear that Mr. Craig's supposed concern for what development the law does and does not allow is determined by what will most benefit a developer with deep pockets and the right connections.

Robert Bogar


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