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'So You Think You Can Dance' recap, Sweet six becomes final four

September 06, 2012|By Diane Trap

Witney's number is about a couple on their wedding day; Witney's having second thoughts and Marco is supposed to change her mind. Marco asks her dad politely for Witney's hand; Witney says her dad is waiting in Utah with a shotgun in the back, but back of what is unspecified; Marco is alarmed anyway, as seems only wise.

They're dancing to "No Nothing" by Curtis and Reinhart featuring Claire and left the comedy in the rehearsal room. Marco loses. Mary says Witney has attack and control and Christina knows she's not just a ballroom dancer and suggests there's a bit too much hairography. Nigel says Witney's a star and it was easy to save her in weeks past.

Eliana's mom says the joy inside of her shines on the outside; her dad says nothing. Her solo is to Death Cab for Cutie's "I Will Follow You into the Dark;" she brings the ballet.

Cyrus is doing SYTYCD's first dubstep routine with Comfort (the dancer Comfort, not the Southern liquor). There's popping waving and cutting. The music is "Cinema (Skrillex remix)" by Benny Benassi featuring Gary Go.

It's been great fun watching Cyrus grow as a dancer, but this, where he's doing what he does, it's even better. He's excited to see the standing ovation. Christina praises Christopher Scott's choreography, says the dance was carved out for Cyrus like the David was carved out for David and wants to toss pens through Cyrus's ear gauges. Nigel says America loves Cyrus and Mary screeches that Cyrus connects. Cat says Comfort and Cyrus are their first couple like Michelle and Barack.

Jean Marc Genereux is making Witney and Chehon cha-cha; he's just adorbs. They're dancing to Rihanna's "Where Have You Been." It's clearly Witney's wheelhouse, not Chehon's, but he's got too much charisma to disappear (though it looked like there was a bit of unplanned waving in a lift: "where's your hand? where's your hand?".

Mary thinks Chehon has improved but was still uncomfortable and struggling, and wanted to see more from Witney. After the first plie the dance was shrouded from Christina's eyes by a fog of lust. Nigel says Chehon's strength saved the missed lift and the choreography favored Chehon's strength not Witney's hips: overall disappointing.

Cyrus' mom taught him the wave and it's all gone wild from there. His solo is to "Harem" by Sarah Brightman. His animating is great but the dubstep was more compelling.

Eliana and Cole are working with Mia Michaels on a piece about hatred, inspired by rams in rut. They're dancing to "Adagio in Strings" by the BRNO Philharmonic Orchestra. They're wearing black onesies and pushing each other around a lot; it ends on a fake scream, possibly an expression of floor burn.

Nigel says the routine was based on his relationship with Mia and the dancers really got the emotion over. Mary was absolutely mesmerized. Christina has no words for Mia but Nigel offers to suggest a few. She says Eliana has light coming out of her feet (useful in a power outage).

Cyrus and Tiffany are doing a Broadway routine with Spencer Liff. They're teenagers left home alone. The song is Debbie Granite's "Treat Me Rough (Girl Crazy)"; Cyrus and Tiffany show no teen angst, it's bidness from the moment Mom and Dad leave.

I would like an animated gif of Cyrus pulling off his tie. Cat grounds them. Christina says they're dirty, dirty birds and apparently the pens-through-the-earholes thing is some kind of mating ritual. Nigel is glad he had sons. Tiffany is the talented girl next door and Cyrus' persevereance was worthwhile. Mary lets out the screams.

Guest dancers from Oakland's Access Dance Company, performing The Narrowing, Sebastian Grub and Joel Brown, dancing to "Panama Canal" by Joan Jeanrenaud and Pc Munoz. They'd be worth looking up on the YouTube.

Time to find out who goes home!

Next week's show is on Tuesday night (move the finale, FOX? really?).

Cat starts with the girls; first girl into the finale is Tiffany! Color me surprised.

Eliana practices being sad until her name is called. Witney is all smiles, though, and gives us a little heart-fingers.

Now the boys: First into the finale is Chehon! ColeorCyrusColeorCyrusColeor ... it's Cyrus! Cole gives Cyrus' back a finger rub when they hug. Final applause for Cole and Witney, and stay tuned for your local news.

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