Delmarva's Southern Cafe opens Friday in Canton

September 06, 2012|by Richard Gorelick | The Baltimore Sun

Delmarva's Southern Cafe is set to open Friday in Canton. The new comfort food restaurant, located in the Harbor Enterprise Center, also known as the Broom Factory, will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. And they will serve breakfast at dinner, if you get my drift.

On the menu - biscuit sandwiches, baked cheese skillets,  country-fried rib eye, cheesy shrimp and grits, burgers and Tenderjack's chicken tenders, a specialty at Tenderjack's, the Virginia-based restaurants Delmarva's owners, Paul Stratmeyer and David Levitt, have a share in.

Levitt was an owner of the Tenderjack’s in Leesburg, Va., with two other partners. He and Stratmeyer bought the Tenderjack’s brand from the remaining partners to form Delmarva's Southern Cafe. They will be converting the Tenderjack's in Leesburg to a Delmarva's Southern Cafe, and a Delmarva's Southern Cafe and Taphouse, featuring locally crafted beer and wine - is set to open in October in Sterling, Va. with additional Taphouses scheduled for Arlington and Quantico in 2013.

Delmarva's Souhtern Cafe is at 3500 Boston St. in Canton. For information call 410-327-1980 or go to

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