Romney is this year's Dewey

September 05, 2012

Letter writer Bud Gibbs ("Romney is more qualified to be president than Obama," Sept. 4) contends that Mitt Romney is better due to a better resume. That is just a wee bit silly. If Mr. Gibbs would have been around, he surely would have voted for Thomas Dewey over Harry Truman. After all, Mr. Dewey was governor of New York, a successful businessman, and graduated form the finest schools. President Truman was just an unsuccessful haberdasher. However, Mr. Truman went on to become possibly one of the top 10 U.S. Presidents in history.

Mr. Gibbs, if he voted in the Republican presidential primary of 1980, probably would have voted for the far superior resume of George H.W. Bush over that actor Ronald Reagan. Mr. Gibbs probably voted for Albert Gore, the experienced former U.S. Senator, vice president and U.S. Army veteran over the clearly inferior resume of George W. Bush. There are many other such examples.

You see Mr. Gibbs, it is not a resume that makes a good choice for president, it is what one does. Mr. Romney had, at best, an OK four years as a one-term governor of Massachusetts. He was a successful businessman particularly for his investors by firing people. He did a good job as head of the Olympics in 2002. He was successful there as a result of millions of federal and state government assistance. Just sayin'.

On the other hand, we are better off for President Obama's time as President of the United States. He pushed and got the Lilly Ledbetter law on women's pay, a measure Mr. Romney has not yet supported. General Motors is now the number one auto maker in the world again. Unemployment is better. Osama bin Laden is dead. Libya's dictator is gone. There are millions of people who were denied health insurance due to pre existing conditions who can now obtain coverage. There are now 4 million more private sector jobs. The stock market (a measure of the economy) is 57 percent higher than when he walked into office. Interest rates are lower. Inflation is less.

Mr. Gibbs can base his choice on his opinion of a resume. I'll choose results.

Mel Mintz, Pikesville

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