Orioles wants fans? Offer transportation alternatives

September 05, 2012

My husband and I are devoted Oriole fans watching almost every game daily on MASN unless we are out of town, etc. And I know this is true of many of our long-time Oriole fans ("Baby, come back," Aug. 31).

We live in Columbia and try to attend at least three or four games throughout the season. However, it isn't easy getting to and from the stadium due to traffic conditions most of the time and unless you have season tickets parking is also difficult.

I watch the number of fans filling other stadiums and find that these stadiums (especially those with large crowds even during the week) have transportation systems to get them to and from the stadiums — New York, Boston, and the District of Columbia, for example. The Orioles management should work out some sort of a business deal with local bus companies to transport fans to and from the games. I feel most of us would be willing to pay for this service to avoid all the hassles of driving. For example, a bus could take fans from Columbia, Laurel, Annapolis, Havre de Grace or Aberdeen to the game and afterward bring them home. The pickup spot could be a local park-and-ride lot. Those who live closer to light rail or Metro stops have no excuse for not attending.

Jean Crane, Columbia

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