What they are saying about O'Malley's DNC speech

September 05, 2012|by Annie Linskey

What media outlets and blogs are saying about Gov. Martin O'Malley's speech to the Democratic National Convention.

The Baltimore Sun: It was not a very good TV speech, and I suspect it played poorly in many living rooms around the country.

The Daily Beast's Andrew Sullivan: O'Malley improved as he went along.

Daily Kos: My boy O'Malley did not have a great night. Can we admit that? ... While positive and on message, O'Malley seemed transparent in his desire to make the speech primarily an introduction for himself to the country.  I happen to think he's been a not so bad Governor for Marylanders but he came off so Beaver Cleaver, even when on the attack. The speech at times struck the wrong tone, and lacked the right amount of intensity.

The DCist: For many viewers—at least those with Twitter accounts—it did not take long for O'Malley's speech to become a shooting gallery of references to the Maryland governor's HBO doppelganger, Baltimore Mayor Tommy Carcetti on The Wire.

NBC4 Washington: Gov. Martin O’Malley has been one of the most active surrogates for President Obama this election. But during his primetime speech Tuesday at the DNC—perhaps his biggest public audition yet for 2016—O’Malley’s speech fell short in substance, drawing mixed reviews from viewers.

The New York Times: The performance was probably helpful to Mr. O’Malley’s political prospects since he stumbled last weekend when a television host asked him whether Americans were better off now than four years ago.

The Washington Post: O’Malley came into his speech tonight with high expectations. He has made little secret of his interest in higher office and that he was given a 10 pm speaking slot suggests that the convention planners thought he would deliver.  Those expectations turned out to be too high.  O’Malley’s enthusiasm and passion came across as manufactured not organic and the crowd seemed ready to love him but wound up just sort of liking him.

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