Engaged: Angela Horner and Chris Montgomery

A long friendship turned into romance as each had an a-ha moment of realizing how much they loved being together.

  • Christopher Montgomery and Angela Horner
Christopher Montgomery and Angela Horner (Handout art from couple,…)
September 05, 2012|By Sloane Brown, Special to The Baltimore Sun

Wedding date: October 13, 2012

Her story: Angela Horner, 27, grew up in Severn. She lives in Baltimore's Pigtown and is licensing team manager at Laureate Education. Her father, Robert Horner, is a physicist in the electronics industry. Her mother, Gloria Horner, is a Hospice of the Chesapeake volunteer, and teaches English as a second language through her church, Severn Run Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

His story: Chris Montgomery, 34, grew up in Pasadena. He lives in Baltimore's Pigtown and is a network administrator at Anne Arundel Community College. His father, Robert Montgomery, is a field engineer for SSCS. His mother, Jeanne Montgomery, is a medical transcriptionist at Anne Arundel Medical Center.

Their story: They met 10 years ago, in 2002, when she was in her last year of high school and taking newspaper journalism and acting classes. He came to fix a computer in the student newspaper office, where she was working.

"We were friends for about five years before we started dating," Angela says. "We were just hanging out with each other. We eventually realized we liked each other better than anyone else. It was a process of elimination, I guess. It's one of those awkward things where we didn't have that official first date. It took us about two months of dating before we realized we were actually dating each other."

Chris remembers a New Year's Eve when things began to crystallize for him.

"Some friends were going out and I was trying to get her to come out," he says. "I wanted her to come out so badly that I asked a friend to help convince her. A few days later, I realized how much I had wanted her there more than anyone else."

Angela remembers her "a-ha moment."

"I think I realized how invested I was when I went to England on a 10 day trip with my college around 2007 and missed the heck out of him," she says. "When I came back, I found out he had also missed me a whole lot. That was a turning point when we both realized that life without the other one wasn't very much fun."

The relationship progressed. And the two moved in together three years later.

"We talked about it for a year or so before we did move in together," she says. "We're both very cautious people, so it takes us a long time to commit to decisions. But, when we made that decision we knew there was no going back — that we would be getting married. Moving in took some getting used to. One of the biggest decisions was whether we should put all of our books on the same shelf or keep them on separate shelves."

"And whether or not to merge our music collections," he adds with a laugh.

"It's about half and half. I have some of my own shelves and we have some that are mixed," says Angela.

"He has three cats he took as strays," she says. "I've never liked cats. But, after living with them for two years, I begrudgingly like them now."

"She pretends she doesn't like them. But, she does," he says.

The proposal, December 29, 2011:

"I knew that he had been looking for a ring for about 6 months," she says.

"Probably because I asked her about ring size," he says, with a laugh.

"Between Christmas and New Year's, we took a road trip to St. Louis," Angela says. "On the way back, we stayed House Mountain Inn, Lexington, Virginia. It's a big lodge-type bed and breakfast up in the mountains. He was very excited staying there. But, we like bed and breakfasts, so I thought he was excited about the place. When we got there, they had a wine and cheese hour. Then we spent about an hour reading in front of the fireplace. He didn't read. He was reading the same page again and again. But, I was totally oblivious. They had a little balcony off the second story. About 10 minutes before dinner, he said, 'Let's go take a peek at the balcony.' We went out there to look at the stars. It's out in the mountains and there are stars everywhere. He asked how I was, and I said, 'Very happy.' Then he started shaking. He was trembling like a leaf. At that point, I thought something was going on. And then he got down on one knee and said 'Angela, will you marry me?' It was so dark out there, I couldn't actually see the ring. I forgot to say anything for what seemed like a really long time. Then, I realized I hadn't and said, 'Yes, of course' and burst into tears. We went back inside so I could look at the ring. He did an absolutely perfect job [with what he picked]. It's really pretty. We have similar taste in jewelry. He knew what I didn't like. So he spent a long time looking for it."

"The ring has a floral pattern with a round cut white sapphire set into the ring rather than sitting above it...with very tiny diamonds around it. It's very low profile with a bit of a nature tone," says Chris about the ring he got from Valerie K. Studio on etsy.com.

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