How to preserve all those iPhone videos of the kids?

  • Watching all the old videos on our phones, I saw my 4-year-old grow up before my eyes.
Watching all the old videos on our phones, I saw my 4-year-old… (Sarah Kelber )
September 04, 2012|By Sarah Kickler Kelber | The Baltimore Sun

The other night, I stumbled upon the folder where all the videos from my husband's iPhone are stored, and I quickly fell down the rabbit-hole of watching clip after clip of our older son.

We got iPhones shortly before Isaac's first birthday, and we have a videocamera, so we had a handful of videos from earlier in his life, but after we got the phones, it was a new approach. Over the years, we've captured first steps, silly songs, trying new foods, short bursts of giggling, of playing, of whatever.

I scrolled through the videos and basically watched my older son learn to walk and talk over the course of an hour or two. I was fascinated.

But it led me to wonder: How do we preserve these memories? I mean, all our photos and videos backup offsite regularly. But technology changes. And his future self and any kids might not want to browse through literally hundreds of clips. So do we edit them together into something more ... profound? Or just make sure they're backed up and hope .MOV doesn't go the way of Betamax?

I took a few clips of our younger son starting to crawl and edited them together with Splice, an iPhone app where you can edit on your phone itself. That was fun, but now it's just yet another video living on our phones and computer.

How do you handle your kids' videos? Do you have an archiving system or any creative ideas about making something out of them?

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