World's largest crab cake record set at Maryland State Fair

  • People serve up the world's largest crab cake after setting the record at Saturday's Maryland State Fair.
People serve up the world's largest crab cake after setting… (Sarah Kelber )
September 04, 2012

Ever even conceive of a 300-pound crab cake?

The folks at Handy International did -- breaking their own record for World's Largest Crab Cake and serving it up to attendees of the Maryland State Fair Saturday.

What goes into a 300-pound crab cake? 200 pounds of crab meat, as well as eggs, breading and seasoning. Handy Seafood's Jim Cupp designed a rotisserie-style cooker to complete the challenge. It took 8 hours for the massive crab cake to cook, and it was weighed at noon.

Sandwiches from the record-setting cake were sold, benefitting the Maryland 4-H Foundation. 

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