No denying Ryan's lying

September 03, 2012

The GOP is constantly puffing up their vice presidential nominee, Rep. Paul Ryan, as the most honest politician to come along since President Abraham "Honest Abe" Lincoln, claiming that he's not afraid to tell people the hard truth no matter what the consequences.

Mr. Ryan made a mockery of those claims in his speech to the convention, however. With his claim that the closing of a GM plant in his home state of Wisconsin was President Barack Obama's fault when the plant closed before Mr. Obama even took office, Mr. Ryan sank to a new low even for Republicans used to characters like Dick Cheney and Richard Nixon. It's a good thing he wasn't under oath, or Mr. Ryan would be on his way to prison for perjury.

I suggest that we christen Mr. Ryan with a new moniker that reflects his status as the biggest liar ever to disgrace the Republican party of President Lincoln: Lyin' Ryan.

William Smith, Baltimore

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