Orioles attendance not that bad

September 03, 2012

Before The Sun's editorial board ("Baby, come back," Aug. 31) and Peter Schmuck ("The Orioles keep winning, but where are the fans?" Aug. 29) rib us about our alleged lack of attendance at Camden Yards, perhaps they should read their own paper.

On the day Mr. Schmuck first raised the issue, the sports page printed this year's attendance figures in Major League Baseball and last year's as well. Baltimore averaged 21,943 last year, and now, with just under 20 games to go, they are averaging 25,536 and will crack 2 million total. The Nationals are averaging 29,899 this year compared to 24,877 last year. So the Nats are up around 5,000 per game, while Baltimore has increased by about 3,500.

With no Nats, Baltimore's average attendance might be up by about 6,000-7,000 per game (which would equal the highest jumps in attendance for all clubs using this year's figures to date). Regardless, an average of 25,000 plus is good, particularly for a market that doesn't have the income of Washington or the big attendance leaders New York, San Francisco, or Los Angeles.

It's expensive to go to Camden Yards. We've been coming this year already and our budgets simply can't afford multiple trips. The O's have surely earned our support. Unfortunately, our earnings make that challenging.

J. Peter Sabonis, Mount Airy

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