Edsall asks fans to be patient with Terps

September 01, 2012|By Jeff Barker | The Baltimore Sun

Maryland coach Randy Edsall was asking fans Saturday to be patient with his team.

The Terps had just survived their opener against William & Mary, winning 7-6.

Edsall said he hoped fans "are patient with them. You know, they’re going to be better and they’re working. But they need the support."

It's a work in progress, and what I'll be looking at is not only wins and losses -- but rather the arc. Do the Terps improve as the season progresses? Are they learning and making fewer mistakes? Are they playing hard for their coach? Are the coaches recruiting well?

Nobody in college sports wants to use the term "rebuilding." But this is a long-term deal.


I was wondering how many touches Stefon Diggs would get Saturday. He had three receptions, two carries and three punt returns. Kickoff returns? Forget it. William & Mary kicked it over his head.

Edsall said his goal was to get Diggs 10 touches on offense -- and he came up a bit short.

"We were close," Edsall said.

The attendance was 31,321. The student section seemed filled to capacity, or close to it.

I'm guessing quite a few of those fans got extra motivation by the prospect of seeing Diggs do something special.

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