Romney is more qualified to be president than Obama

September 01, 2012

Your article about Maryland Democrats stumping for their party's presidential nominee quotes Gov. Martin O'Malley as saying that "Romney's economics would spell disaster for the middle class. The lessons he learned as a corporate buyout specialist were not lessons that should be applied to a national economy" ("Md. pols join the surrogate battle," Aug. 29).

What is it about an M.B.A., bachelor's and law degree from Harvard, plus very successful careers in business and politics, that leads Governor O'Malley to his conclusion?

Perhaps it's the extensive experience of a community organizer and a year as a U.S. senator plus the pitiful record of the past 31/2 years under Barack Obama that has Mr. O'Malley singing his praises.

Or maybe he's just another boring, ill-equipped partisan politician trying to continue to feed at the public trough.

It would be interesting to compare Mitt Romney's educational and business background to Mr. O'Malley's. I did, and Mr. O'Malley doesn't' even come close. He just talks more.

Bud Gibbs

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