Love Orioles and Ravens but not downtown stadiums

August 31, 2012

Starting in the 1960s, and for about the decades, I was an avid Orioles and Colts fan. My brother and I would listen to WBAL on Sunday mornings in an attempt to buy unused Colts tickets. As soon as the Orioles schedule came out, I would order tickets to at least six home games.

I attended the last Orioles game played in Memorial Stadium, and left there with tears in my eyes knowing I would never see another major league game again.

I still am a fan of both the Orioles and Ravens on TV, and in the newspaper, but I have never been to Oriole Park, or Ravens Stadium. For me, it's all about location, location, location. I don't "do" downtown for anybody, for any reason. I do not use mass transit, and I don't go anywhere I can't drive and park my car within a reasonable and safe distance of the event.

I know both stadiums are beautiful. That's not the issue. If you would have built them in the suburbs, I would have been a regular. Incidentally, I live in the Dundalk area, so I'm only about 15 minutes from downtown.

I realize my attitude is long outdated, but I have friends, neighbors, and relatives who share the same viewpoint. Rebuild Memorial Stadium and we'll be there!

Carl Justice

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