Baltimore is set for its best Grand Prix yet

August 31, 2012

During the upcoming 2012 Baltimore Grand Prix, downtown Baltimore may not be as congested with traffic as people expect ("Downtown streets to close for Grand Prix of Baltimore," Aug. 30). The event's promoters say that attendance is expected to be lower than last year, and many residents of nearby neighborhoods are leaving town for the weekend.

Baltimore Police will be keeping the traffic moving and everyone safe. Retail stores, eateries, pubs and bars in the area will be open. And when I was there last year, none of those businesses were crowded, even though you can see and hear some of the race from outside of the paid entrance areas.

The city and the event organizers learned a lot from last year's inaugural race and have made some positive changes for this year's event that will allow more people to enjoy it.

David Robert Crews, Baltimore

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