Revoke ethanol mandate now

August 31, 2012

Thanks to Charles Campbell for his very enlightening commentary about the huge international costs resulting from our national ethanol mandates in gasoline, resulting in dire increases in food costs worldwide ("U.S. must abandon corn-based ethanol," Aug. 29).

Looking closer to home, in addition to grocery costs, ask any waterman or boater on the Chesapeake Bay or elsewhere and you'll hear of the extremely common mechanical breakdown of marine engines due to the fact that ethanol absorbs water which then corrodes the fuel system from the inside. My neighbor just told me he had to replace a brand new, one-year-old water pump on his boat due to this corrosion introduced into his engine by ethanol that had absorbed ambient water. Of course, this was after he managed to survive breaking down and being disabled on the middle of the bay and having to be towed back in.

For the world's food supply and prices, as well as for our own local marine trials and tribulations, let's revoke this ethanol mandate now.

Jeff Stennett, Gambrills

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