Letter: Ignore Fox News mantra; things are getting better

August 31, 2012

I would like to respond to "No amount of spin can explain Obama's abundant failures" (letter, Aug. 2).

The letter states that the country is not better off than it was four years ago. Now, I know telling people that things are really, really bad and that it's all President Obama's fault is Fox News 101 mantra, but if you examine the facts, things are gradually getting better.

If we can step into the "way-back" machine and return to the Fall of 2008, the economy was hemorrhaging jobs, financial institutions were reeling with bad debt, foreclosures were running in the millions. The auto industry was failing, and the stock market had plummeted into the 6,000s. The unregulated "trickle-down" economic policies of the Bush Administration had plunged us into the Great Recession.

OK, fast forward to August 2012. The stock market is well over 13,000. The banks and Wall Street are doing better than ever. Unemployment, while still too high, is hovering around 8 percent, down from the darkest days of '08-'09. The U.S. Auto Industry is once again on solid ground, saving millions of jobs.

It's just that with the current economic/tax system, weighted as it is in favor of the rich and powerful, it's hard for the little guy to feel the improvement.

I see nothing in Mitt Romney that inspires the least bit of confidence that he can make things better. Indeed, his Draconian cuts to many federal programs — "entitlements" as the GOP likes to call them — coupled with tax breaks for the rich and no new federal revenues, will roll back the gains of the last four years and throw us back into a recession.

Michael E. Britt


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