Letter writer asks, 'Why not' an arts center?

August 30, 2012|Letter to The Aegis


It has been said (most notably by Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw and later in an address by President John F. Kennedy) that some people look at things as they are and ask "why?" while others dream of things that never were, and ask "why not?"

Sallee Filkins, her colleagues, and everyone in our county who recognize the potential value of a Center for the Arts fall into the latter category of visionary individuals.  They should be commended and supported by government and private citizens alike so that their dream for our region can be realized.  As the most basic form of human expression that enriches lives and can further enhance Harford County's appeal, the arts are far more than a nicety; they are a necessity.

R. J. O'Hara   

Forest Hill

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