Tim Hillman: beautiful tribute to a friend

August 29, 2012

After reading John Patterson's commentary on bullying, my newspaper was wet with tears ("A lesson for life: Be Tim Hillman," Aug. 17). For those of us who were bullied as youngsters, our school years were long, daunting and painful.

What a relief when someone strays from the "cool crowd" to become a friend, respecting and accepting you for who you are, not judging based on status. A slight smile and ego boost to propel you along.

We strive to do good and to live a life of purpose. When we've passed, we wish to be remembered in a positive light in all the experiences we've had and the people we met and crossed paths with over the years.

From Mr. Patterson's story of how Tim Hillman affected not only his school days but his life as well we should take this to heart. You never know how small a gesture may just have a big, life-long impact on someone around you.

Thank you. Mr. Patterson. for such a fitting tribute to a wonderful spouse, father, son, brother and friend.

Kate Glorioso, Baltimore

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