Former Gov. Ehrlich chief of staff supports gay marriage

August 29, 2012|by Annie Linskey

Former Gov. Robert Ehrlich's chief of staff said this evening that he supports same-sex marriage, becoming one of the highest profile Republicans in the state to add his voice to the pro-gay marriage cause.

Chip DiPaula wrote in an email to gay marriage supporters that "freedom is not a Democratic or Republican value. It is an American value."

DiPaula noted that former Vice President Dick Cheney and former RNC chair Ken Mehlman also support the cause. Cheney's daughter is gay and Mehlmen is set to appear next month at a star-studded fundraiser for Maryland's same-sex marriage law.

The state is set to have an ususally crowded ballot in November. Among other issues, voters will have the option to uphold the state's new law legalizing same-sex marriage.

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