Is this really the end for Triple H?

August 28, 2012|By Adam Testa

Retirement celebrations can be a special thing in professional wrestling.

Look back to Ric Flair's final farewell to the WWE after losing to Shawn Michaels. That night at WrestleMania and the night that followed on Raw will forever be remembered as truly emotional and memorable.

But in my estimation, those types of events will be rarities moving forward in wrestling. And Ric Flair is to thank for that.

WWE gave Flair the grandest farewell a television audience has seen in wrestling. And he dishonored all of it in the eyes of many fans by entering in-ring competition once again only months after being treated like a god among men.

Yes, Edge had his special moment and his farewell on Raw, but it was nothing compared to Flair.

But if there's any one man who will almost certainly be given the king's treatment upon his official retirement, it's Triple H. The Undertaker is the other obvious choice, but I'd be willing to bet the man behind that character would rather see himself fade into the darkness without fare.

Tonight on Raw, Triple H delivered an emotional speech, questioning if his road in wrestling has come to an end at the hands of Brock Lesnar.

Triple H had people eating from the palms of his hand, but this wasn't his final farewell to the WWE Universe. This was solid microphone work, but I refuse to believe this is how Triple H - one of the most decorated stars of this era - rides into the sunset of corporate business life.

While I agree with all the fans in the live crowd chanting, "Thank you Hunter," it's not the appropriate time to say it. This simply can't be the end of the road.

Whether or not there's a rematch with Lesnar in the future, there is certainly at least one more match, one more moment with Shawn Michaels by his side, waiting for The Game.

I applaud Triple H for being a tremendous performer in the ring, and especially on the microphone. A story like this could so easily be overplayed or come across completely long, but Triple H knows how to control the crowd.

But, hey, even if he's back next week on Raw, his "retirement" will still have lasted longer than most of Terry Funk's.

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