What are city and state education funds really buying?

August 28, 2012

After reading about the wasteful public school spending in Baltimore City, is it any wonder that people are put off when they hear about increasing taxes for education because we aren't spending enough to educate the young ("City school officials play loose with credit," Aug. 26)?

According to the Maryland Department of Education, the state's overall graduation rate is a little over 87 percent, but in Baltimore City it is still only about 71 percent. The state average spending per pupil was $14,224 but in Baltimore it was slightly higher, at $14,312.

There is absolutely no reason that any teacher should have to provide any type of school supplies, books, paper, pencils etc. with this level of spending by the state. Where is all of the money going?

Thousand-dollar dinners at the Center Club, $500 dinners at Fogo De Chao, retreats at the Hilton at $450 per person for people that live in the area.

Yet, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Gov. Martin O'Malley are trying to sell a new casino, with much of the money going to "education spending." I think that we need an independent auditing of all school spending to find out where the money is really going.

Steve Xintas, Essex

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