No conspiracy here, Justin Tucker won the starting job

August 27, 2012|By Mike Preston

The Ravens cut kicker Billy Cundiff on Sunday, and some are creating more conspiracy theories about this than the JFK assassination. Believe me, there is nothing more behind Cundiff being waived than rookie Justin Tucker out kicking him in training camp practices. Forget about the preseason games. They meant something, but not a lot.

If you had a brain and attended practices on a daily basis, it was a clear-cut decision. The Ravens made a smart move by bringing Tucker in to challenge Cundiff for the job, and it was Cundiff's to lose. He performed well, but Tucker was better. It didn't take long for Tucker to impress the coaches and the media. The kid has a live and powerful leg. Cundiff does have more experience and maybe Tucker chokes in a big game, but the Ravens had to take a chance with this guy.

If you thought he would take it easy after Cundiff was cut, Tucker converted on field goals of 61 and 63 yards in practice Monday.

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