Newest Oriole Joe Saunders talks about trade to Baltimore

The 31-year-old left-hander grew up an Orioles fan, is excited to join contending club

August 26, 2012|By Eduardo A. Encina | The Baltimore Sun

Newly acquired Orioles left-hander Joe Saunders spoke with the Arizona Republic earlier today after this morning's trade was completed.

Here's a transcript of the interview:

Thoughts on trade?
“I was excited to get traded to a contending team. They’re in the hunt right now so it’s going to be exciting. My family is from there so it’s going to be a trip home for me.”

Where in the area is your family?
“I grew up in Northern Virginia so about an hour and a half south of there. I have a lot of family still there so it’s going to be nice to hang out with them.”

Does it come as a surprise?
“As soon as we went to a six-man rotation I pretty much figured out I had a few more days here. It’s definitely easier going home to put on a new jersey. It doesn't really come from left field just was just the way it worked out.”

When did you find out about deal?
“They called me into the office last night and said, ‘you’ve been traded but I can’t tell you to who,’ so I said ‘ok thanks.’ I just told my wife I got traded but had no idea where I was going. KT [Diamondbacks GM Kevin Towers] called me this morning and I found out. So I came in today packed my stuff up got a little workout in, threw a little bit.”

Were you an Orioles fan growing up?
“I was actually, went to a lot of those games.”

Make of Diamondbacks lack of success this season?
“It’s just one of those funky things where as soon as we get three or four in a row it seems like we can’t get over the hump. Maybe it’s as simple as the magic wasn’t there this year that was there last year. We had a lot of comeback wins last year that kind of fell our way. This year we couldn’t really put it together, that being said, this team is still 5.5 out of the wild card, 7 back. You look at what the Cardinals did last year I wouldn’t say you have to throw all your cards in yet. It just hasn’t happened.”

Pitching for Buck Showalter?
“I don’t know Buck (laughs). I pitched against Buck a couple times, he’s a good manager, I think he’s a smart manager. I still know a lot of guys over there, I know Reynolds, worked out with J.J. Hardy in the offseason. I pitched against Adam Jones pretty much my whole life. I know a few of those guys over there."

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