In his own words: Tribute poem for Rose Mayr

August 25, 2012

Rose Mayr's former boyfriend, Boris Gamazaychikov, wrote a poem about the young woman, who was killed in a train derailment shortly before midnight Tuesday.

"Sometimes I imagined we would grow old together. But now I'll grow old and you'll stay young in my heart forever. And I couldn't ever see you stuck behind a picket fence. You were too busy looking at the sky and the horizon to which it led.

"Remember when we climbed to the top of the earth, through the bushes and the thorns we were covered in dirt. But we looked back to the sun, when we finally got there. Slowly setting against the mountain ridges, drifting through the air.

"And darkness slowly came, and stars lit up the sky. We swore we saw the Milky Way, dragging endlessly through time. But you were not this sun, slowly fading to the west. You were brighter than the stars when you were put to rest.

"At high noon you illuminated everyone and everything. From your body when you dance to your voice when you sing. To the memories you give to every person that you meet. To the moments you appreciated, dreaming without sleep.

"At high noon you didn't fade, you were put out abruptly. I wasn't ready for this darkness, and I felt it disrupt me. I was lost and confused until I closed my eyes. And I saw your light shining bright throughout the sky.

"And I could still see, with you bright through my memory. In my heart and in my soul, you will forever be. You lived life as beauty, you lived life as freedom. And I will love you forever, so you may rest without leaving.

"Sometimes I imagined we would grow old together. But now I'll grow old and you'll stay young in my heart forever."

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