It's time for WWE to shelve the rematch of the rematch

August 24, 2012|By Adam Testa

Well, color me shocked.

After an extended period of ranting and questioning the preferential treatment that appeared to be bestowed on Randy Orton since his return from suspension, I never expected to see the Viper tap out - in a clean loss - to Alberto Del Rio.

Orton had been built up and put over number-one contenders like it was going out of style, but tonight, he actually did a job and helped make Del Rio look like a legitimate main event star in the process.

Does that change the fact that the majority of critics don't want to see Sheamus defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Del Rio again? Probably not.

Personally, I feel this rivalry is walking the line between being embraceable and embarrassing. I was an advocate of the SummerSlam rematch, but it's getting excessive with the rematches, even if it somehow becomes a triple threat.

Night of Champions seems like it's being set up as a show maintaining the status quo established by its predecessor rather than a show that provides fresh matches and ideas.

Regardless, if WWE is insistent on doing another title match between Sheamus and Del Rio, it's at least a nice change of pace to see Del Rio pick up a win over a legitimate main event star like Orton.

Of course, the shenanigans continued after the match, as Sheamus hit the scene, only to be beatdown by Del Rio - with a shoe. To paraphrase Austin Powers, seriously, who uses a shoe?

When Dolph Ziggler emerged with the Money in the Bank briefcase, he ate an RKO from Orton. Guess he had to get his heat back somehow.

At the end of the show, Del Rio and Orton emerged looking the strongest while the champion and the Money in the Bank contract holder looked the weakest. Something still doesn't seem right about this scenario.

In all likelihood, the issues will continue to push this as a three-way, if not a four-way, rivalry moving forward. That may help to freshen things up a bit, but it's really time for new stars to get a shot in the main event.

Right now, there are no real credible options for candidates to dethrone Sheamus. WWE could easily rectify this by making Ziggler look stronger with the title shot in his back pocket, but he seems to be headed down the Daniel Bryan path.

Of course, that turned out okay in the end, so let's not give up hope quite yet.

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