Letter: Location of planned Columbia Whole Foods is far from ideal

August 24, 2012

I fail to see the logic in the proposal for putting a Whole Foods store in that beautiful building right on the lake.

No. 1, it is basically a one-side location, rather than being able to cater to customers from all sides of the store. No. 2, parking there is already very difficult. And No. 3, it seems that there is very little residential base there for potential customers.

A far better location for this food store would be in the Wilde Lake Village Center (although I would actually prefer a Trader Joe's, which would fit very nicely into the space of the previous Giant store location). Granted, this would give some competition to David's Natural Market, but it should be remembered that David's thrived before with the competition not only of the Giant, but also Produce Galore.

I would think that a far better use of this space could be found. Please rethink this idea.

Doris Rausch


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