Letter: Happiness of citizens should be goal, not banning gay marriages

August 24, 2012

Hearing some of the comments in the Chick-fil-A lines last week made me think, "Wow, these people must not have a single gay friend, relative or family member!"

Why does religion often make people blind to basic humanity, kindness and empathy? Isn't a basic tenet of Christianity Jesus's Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you? I can't imagine Jesus would ever deny anyone equal rights.

How do gay marriages threaten "traditional marriage"? Are we running out of marriage licenses?

Instead of worrying about marriage being defined as a union of "a man and a woman," shouldn't we be more concerned about the happiness of our fellow citizens?

Nowadays you can even change your gender through a sex change operation, so wouldn't a better religious definition of marriage be the union of two people (under God) who commit themselves to devoting the rest of their lives to each other's happiness?

I feel that a great country like ours should always choose greater equality. Let's just give everyone equal rights and move on to more important challenges like global warming before it's too late. Extreme weather — now that's something to really freak out over.

Maya Thakar


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