Letter: School system will miss Mamie Perkins

August 24, 2012

I was sorry to read of Mamie Perkins' retirement from the Howard County Public Schools. She proved her ability when she was deputy superintendent during the absence of Sydney Cousin. I heard no complaints about her leadership, ability or loyalty to the educational system of Howard County.

In reading the article ("Deputy superintendent retires from school system," Aug. 9), I was amazed that a person with her experience (39 years) was not promoted to the position of superintendent and feel that Howard County lost an extremely qualified leader.

I also read that a number of administrators retired from the central office. Is there a reason for this? Should we be concerned?

From the new superintendent, I hope to see a vision, which demonstrates qualities needed for our school system. When I moved to Columbia, it was one of the best in the country and is now rated fifth.

I have raised a family here since 1972. I would like to see continued improvement and equity in all students' scores. Baltimore County has never been close in education from what I have seen.

V. Brown


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