'Snooki and JWOWW' recap: Couples hell

  • Roger and JWOWW have a talk.
Roger and JWOWW have a talk. (MTV )
August 24, 2012|By Katie Hutchinson

This episode picks up right where the last left off, with both couples at each other’s throats questioning whether they should be together.

Jionni says he only took a picture with his cousin, but then says it may not be … and his indecisiveness makes him look guilty as all hell.

However, like all good guilty men, he has turned it around and is mad at Snooki for questioning him and flipping out over a picture he has yet to see. 

Snooki hangs up on Jionni and both girls go to their bedrooms to take naps and sleep off their horrendous days.

Roger calls and wakes up Jenni to tell her that he is coming over so that they can talk face-to-face and figure things out. She says she does not want to see him and that she has nothing to say to him right now. He has yet to apologize for the things he said to her, and she is not sure if an apology will work this time.

Roger’s explanation: “When I get put on the defensive, I react and I win.” Translation: When you make me mad and knock me down, I will knock you down 10 times harder. Lame explanation, and not very “mature” there, old-man Roger.

Jenni killed it when she said, “The only thing you are winning at is losing me.” He says he will see her shortly, and does not take “no” for an answer.

Roger shows up to talk about “her issues” and let me tell you when he said those two words, I cringed. Remind me to add a chapter to my “A Guide To Women For Dummies” book. Oy vey! Never do you go to your girl’s house to try and talk things out and start off by saying that you are there to talk about her issues.

Jenni accordingly responded with “I only have one issue and it’s that you’re an a--hole.” Well said.

They went around in circles with being sorry but not apologizing, getting over it and not getting over it, breaking up and staying together. The only thing harder to watch than the-ever-strong JWOWW crying, was Roger crying. When men cry, I cry. It’s heartbreaking.

When he saw her cry, he cried. Then you see him in the confessional talking about how he has fallen so in love with her and doesn’t want to lose her.

The best part of it all was his little speech. I have gotten a similar one from my boyfriend as well and it’s sad and funny all at the same time. It’s like a dysfunctional version of the speech in "The Notebook" so you will definitely have to watch this one if you missed it.

They agree to make up because they can’t help it, they want to be together. They then begin to discuss the other dangerous duo — Snooks and Jionni, who are still not speaking.

Jenni calls Jionni and tells him to come over and he agrees. Meanwhile, Nicole gets up, gets pretty for him because she feels bad and thinks she may have been a bit overdramatic, which us girls tend to do every once in a while.

Snooki answers the door looking hot and apologizes to Jionni and they go out for a fun evening to celebrate his 25th birthday. The three do lemon drops and order Snooki shots of pickle juice, which makes her a happy little preggers guidette.

The episode wraps up how it normally does, the four of them together having a good time and Roger complaining that he doesn’t get any sex.

Things I Learned on This Episode of Snooki And JWOWW:

•••• Jenni is clearly attempting to quit smoking although they don’t address it, because she puffs away on an electronic cigarette for half of this episode. You go girl!

•••• Snooki is really “over” the fact that Roger never gets sex from Jenni. Roger agrees that he has more of a chance getting sex from Jionni than with Jenni.

•••• Pickle juice is better than alcohol because it makes you happy but does not give you a hangover.

Like the theme song says over and over and over again: I don’t care, I love it!

Agree with me or agree to disagree with me, let me know @KT_HUTCH.

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