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Bel Air bike shop offers courses in safety

  • Shawn Ransford teaches bike safety and repair at the Bel Air Bike Shop.
Shawn Ransford teaches bike safety and repair at the Bel Air… (Photo by Matt Button )
August 23, 2012|By Jennifer K. Dansicker

Die-hard bikers, put on your helmets and get ready to learn how to save yourself when you really need to. The Bike Shop of Bel Air offers a survival maintenance course that can help you while you are riding and encounter a problem with your bike.

The course “covers the proper and impromptu ways to repair a bike to get you home safely. Topics include simple changing of a tire to more complex issues of what to do if you crash and break spokes,” says instructor Shawn Ransford (right).

Participants bring their own bikes to work on. “There is no sense in teaching you how to work on something you don’t have,” says Ransford.

The Bike Shop of Belair owners Carl and Missie Wakefield came up with the idea for the class and asked Ransford, 48, a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army to teach the class.

“There is a need for beginning and veteran cyclists to learn how to fix, maintain and repair their own bicycle,” he says.

The survival maintenance course lasts three weeks and is taught in the fall and spring. Age range of students runs from a group of Cub Scouts to ages 16 and above.

THe Bike Shop of Bel air

2310-B East
Churchville Road

Bel Air, MD 21015


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