Ex-Senator Theatre owner's trespassing arrest details [charging documents]

Kiefaber sought arrest 'to get the media involved,' according to police

  • Tom Kiefaber, former owner of the Senator Theatre, in his booking photo Aug. 13 from the Baltimore Police Department.
Tom Kiefaber, former owner of the Senator Theatre, in his booking… (Baltimore City Police Department )
August 23, 2012|The Baltimore Sun

The former owner of the Senator Theatre told a police officer "he wished to be arrested in an attempt to get the media involved," according to charging documents in the Aug. 13 incident outside the Baltimore cinema.

Tom Kiefaber was arrested that day and charged with trespassing. Below is the text of the charging document; it also appears as a related item (see left).

There are seven charges filed against Kiefaber by James "Buzz" Cusack, current operator of the Senator: five counts of trespassing, one count of harassment and an accusation of illegal dumping (at the Senator on Aug. 8). A hearing on those accusations is set for 1:30 p.m. Sept. 20.

(Note: The Sun reported last week that Kiefaber said he had dumped waste into a Senator trash bin on Aug. 13. The charging documents make no mention of dumping, and in further discussions with Sun staff, Kiefaber has said that he did not dump trash in the Senator bin that morning.)

The day of the arrest, a temporary peace order against Kiefaber was also granted to Kathleen Cusack, daughter of Buzz Cusack and fellow operator of the theater; the next hearing on the peace order is set for 1:30 p.m. Monday, according to online judicial records.

Here is the text of the charging document in the Aug. 13 incident:

On August 13 2012 at 10:10 hrs I responded to the Senator Theater 5904 York Road for a call of a disorderly person. Upon my arrival I met with Mr. Jim Standiford the complainant and site supervisor.

Mr. Standiford stated that the previous owner of the property Mr. Thomas Kiefaber has been harassing the contractors working on the above listed property and did enter the building taking pictures.

Mr. Kiefaber has been warned several times in the previous weeks by Mr. Standiford and [theater operator] Mr. Cusack Jr. for trespassing.

The property is under construction and is not open to the public at this time.

Mr. Kiefaber lost ownership of property in October of 2010 and has had a previous peace order filed against him which expired in January of 2012.

Mr. James Cusack Jr. the current developer of the property arrived on scene and stated that he has called the Baltimore city police in excess of twenty-five times since January 2012 for the same trespassing complaint.

Mr. Cusack Jr. obtained a criminal summons on August 11 2012 for trespassing, harassment, and illegal dumping.

Mr. Kiefaber has also been charged with assault in the previous year in relation to this property.

Mr. Cusack Jr. stated that Mr. Kiefaber has a Face Book listing threatening blood and carnage at sunset. Mr. Cusack Jr. feels threatened and was advised to obtain a current peace order.

Mr. Kiefaber was asked several times to leave the front on the property by 5B09 Sgt. Trogdon and refused to do so.

Mr. Kiefaber stated he wished to be arrested in an attempt to get the media involved. In fear Mr. Kiefaber would continue to harass and interfere with the ongoing development of the property he was placed under arrest and transported to C.B.I.F. for processing. All events did occur in the city of Baltimore state of Maryland.

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