Is the tip jar headed for the trash bin?

August 23, 2012|By Richard Gorelick | The Baltimore Sun

Let's table, for the moment, our chat about how much, if anything, should be tipped to the folks who rustle up your morning coffee. But even customers who customarily would toss in their change, or a whole dollar bill, in the tip jar when they've paid with cash often leave el-zippo when paying with plastic.

It's DipJar to the rescue, as reported on by Bon Appetit.

"It’s as simple as a cash tip jar but with the technology to accept and pass along tips left with credit and debit cards," according to the DipJar website.

Merchants register DipJar, which plugs into a power outlet, through the company's website.

"Once the DipJar is on the countertop, customers can start dipping their cards — our system does the rest. Oh, yeah: DipJar is completely free. We take a small service fee for tips processed at no cost to retailers, while collecting a significant tip money for employees that would otherwise not exist."

OK, how much do you tip the folks at the coffee counter?


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