Spector mileage doesn't add up

August 22, 2012

When I was a salesman who had to see accounts in person, I was allowed to claim expenses from my first stop to my last. Nobody could claim the mileage expenses of getting to work, or getting home.

For 10 years, getting to work in Northern Virginia would have added $61 a day, $305 a week, or in total $15,250 a year, not counting the miles from doing my work.

Had I been able to use the method City Councilwoman Rochelle "Rikki" Spector employs, I would have been driving a Mercedes instead of a Saturn.

Ms. Spector should be able to claim the mileage from her first meeting to her last, not including side trips to the hairdresser, shopping center or cousin Milly's.

Dan Shannahan, Fullerton

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