Linking 6th casino, table games is dishonest

August 22, 2012

The ballot questions were released Monday for all of Maryland to preview before the election. Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller managed to find a way to get his precious casino where no one else wants one. He knows most of Maryland wants casino style games and very few want the 6th casino. Question 7 lumps both the new casino and casino style games all in to one. Our "lawmakers" continue to maintain dishonesty and further cement our trust in them — or lack thereof — by leading us to believe this would be treated as two separate issues. The way the question is worded, it is an all or nothing deal.

We should demand another amendment to break these issues out into two questions rather than one. If just the one question stands my vote will be no. And since the majority of our politicians do not want to change the rules about voter ID, I think I just might hit several polling places and cast multiple votes.

We need to clean house come 2014. The majority of our elected officials sit there year after year (without term limits) scratching each other's backs regardless of what we want. They are so afraid of Mr. Miller's wrath that they do what he wants for fear of reprisal. If he wins another term, we should demand an independent audit to back up the results. Our ancestors fought for this country to be free of an oppressive government who taxed them to death and had no representation. In Maryland it's like the Revolution never happened.

The amount of money spent on two very unnecessary special sessions is obscene. In my opinion the cost should be divided between Gov.Martin O'MalleyMr. Miller — not paid for with taxpayer dollars.

Kathy Tebby, Brooklyn Park

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