Webster's New World: Not dead

August 22, 2012|By John E. McIntyre | The Baltimore Sun

A few days ago I quoted a Lingua Franca post by Allan Metcalf about the apparently moribund Webster's New World College Dictionary. Mr. Metcalf had been unable to get a response from its publisher, John Wiley & Sons, about its status, and Wiley had announced that it was putting the dictionary up for sale, along with other assets. 

Now it appears that Webster's New World has awakened and asked for breakfast. A note from Gypsy Lovett, an associate director of publicity at Wiley, assures me that the dictionary still registers a pulse. Here is the note: 

"In regards to your article published on August 12th in the Baltimore Sun, we are glad to say that Webster's New World (TM) College Dictionary is very much a living, vibrant dictionary. We thought your readers may be interested to know that while we no longer have a Cleveland office, Wiley's editorial team does include lexicographers based in Cleveland, as well as collaborators elsewhere.

"Webster’s New World(TM) is and continues to be a popular and authoritative brand that sells millions of units in print, as well as having an active digital licensing operation including new mobile apps. The College Dictionary is regularly updated with hundreds of new entries flowing into the database annually, and a brand new edition, with thousands of revisions and new terms is nearing completion.

 "Adds Wiley VP &  Publisher, Kitt Allan, 'We are proud of the Webster's New World(TM) history as the preferred dictionary of respected journalists, and believe it will remain that for many years to come.'

"We thank you for your use and support through the years and hope you might consider issuing a correction in reference to your characterization of the status of the dictionary and its lexicographers."

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