Arrest close in shooting that injured 9-year-old boy

August 22, 2012|By Justin Fenton, The Baltimore Sun

Baltimore police are close to making an arrest in a triple shooting that critically injured a 9-year-old boy, which would be the third high-profile case closed in as many days. 

The police department posted a message to its Twitter account saying that a man had been arrested in the shooting, which occurred Sunday night in the 400 block of Bloom St. in Druid Heights, but soon after said the suspect was still at large. 

Two men who a spokesmen said were "extremely well known to police" were injured in the shooting and were believed to be the intended targets. But the unidentified 9-year-old was struck in the hip and hospitalized with serious injuries, police said at the time. 

Earlier this week, police charged a man in a triple shooting that killed brothers Troy and Euclides Manley - an incident that police led to the retaliatory killings of the mother and brother of one of the suspects. They also charged five people in an ongoing scheme to rob elderly residents of cash. 

We'll update this post as details become available.

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