Bloggers rally in support of Ellicott City restaurants

August 22, 2012|By Richard Gorelick | The Baltimore Sun

In the aftermath of Tuesday's fatal train derailment, Howard County bloggers have begun an impromptu campaign in support of Ellicott City restaurants and other Main Street businesses.

"Old Ellicott City has had a tough year," Tom Coale wrote Wednesday morning on his HoCo Rising blog. "Less than 12 months ago, we saw antique chairs floating down the street and cars crushed under a less-than-retaining wall. In July, the power went out for almost all of Fourth of July weekend, forcing downtown restaurants to throw away thousands of dollars of food."

Coale suggested an Ellicott City Appreciation Night, and the idea was taken up by the author of the popular HowChow dining blog.

"I would propose that in light of the lost revenue from yesterday (and possibly today), we host an 'Ellicott City Appreciation Night' this weekend," Coale wrote. "Make a reservation at The Rumor Mill, Portalli's, or Cacao Lane."

"The fact is places are open," the HowChow blogger wrote, and asked his readers to respond with dining suggestions.


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