Orioles showing a confidence that had been missing in previous years

Adam Jones' statement after Monday night's loss to Texas was telling

August 21, 2012|By Dan Connolly

This is the 12th season I have covered the Baltimore Orioles.

And at some point – usually it is before the All-Star Break – the club stumbles and the season crumbles.

Honestly, and maybe it is just habit, I’ve been waiting for that moment since about May. And though the players will tell you differently, I’m sure that thought has been in the back of their minds at times this year.

That’s why I was struck by the comments of center fielder Adam Jones after the Orioles’ 5-1 loss to the two-time defending American League champion Texas Rangers on Monday night.

Without really being prompted, Jones said that when he walked into the visitor’s clubhouse after the loss, there was no sense of doom. And he looked for it. But this club has been there before and bounced back quickly. In fact, the Orioles did it this weekend. After losing the first game to Detroit at Comerica Park, the Orioles won the next two to capture the series – their third straight series victory on the road.

So Jones said he took note of the mood when he walked into the clubhouse Monday night.

“In previous years, you lose a game and you come into the clubhouse, it’s like a mortuary,” he said. “Here, nah, it’s still just as crisp as it’s always been all year. We lose a game, it happens. But we’re gonna come out tomorrow with a better plan.”

I’ve heard the “come out tomorrow and be better” line countless times over the years from countless Orioles. And rarely does it happen.

But what’s so interesting about this season is that there’s now some drama in those words. Maybe this is the moment things crumble. But there’s a sense that there’s also a possibility that they are better Tuesday night with Chris Tillman taking on Scott Feldman. And maybe they then have a chance at winning another road series.

What has made this August so different is that we don’t know the answer until the games are played. And, honestly, that hasn’t always been the case.

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