Baltimore's LED streetlights: We'll pay in the end

August 21, 2012

Now let me see if I understand this: The city is replacing sodium-vapor lamps with LED lamps. The estimated savings to the city is $1.9 million annually. ("LEDs come to city streetlights," Aug. 17.) In reality, it will be more like a savings of $900,000. Of course, the cost of the new LED lamp fixtures need to be incorporated into the calculations.

BG&E will complain to the PSC that they can't survive with the $1.9 million in reduced revenue. BG&E will raise rates to residents to offset the $1.9 million revenue decrease. Residents still pay the same for the city's lighting. MayorStephanie Rawlings-Blakeclaims a major victory.

Is that about right?

Fred Wilhelm, Baltimore

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