Nobody is forcing wounded vets to hunt

August 20, 2012

Letter writer E. Joseph Lamp's irrational condemnation of bowhunting is bad enough, but the idea that he would deny wounded veterans the option to hunt if they want defies understanding ("Deer hunting won't heal America's wounded warriors," Aug. 16).

Nobody forces wounded veterans to go on these hunts, and the sheer number of organized groups and individuals who conduct them nationwide obviously suggests there is a legitimate demand for them. Maybe people who have sacrificed so much for your freedom deserve the right to choose their own path to healing.

I grew up hunting in Maryland, and to me Mr. Lamp is an embarrassment to the state Department of Natural Resources — former commissioner or not.

While Mr. Lamp did not call for an end to all hunting, it's obvious how he feels. Ask Maryland farmers or foresters how they would feel if deer hunting were stopped. Ask any insurance company how many people would die in deer-auto collisions.

Maybe Mr. Lamp should find a wounded veteran and actually ask his or her personal viewpoint on what hunting does for them.

J.R. Robbins

The writer is managing editor of the National Rifle Association Hunters Rights blog.

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