Special session another act in Annapolis kabuki theater

August 20, 2012

Thanks so much for Marta Mossburg's thoughtful critique of our pathetic governor and legislature ("Gambling and pit bulls — this is an emergency?" April 15). One can only hope that they are listening to her. Wishful thinking, I suppose, since they are so arrogant that they do as they please, whenever they please, confident in the fact that they will be re-elected by a bunch of drones that are their constituents. Don't any of the state's voters appreciate that the box of rocks in Annapolis just increased taxes on the citizens of Maryland, only to offer tax breaks to their gambling industry supporters?

It happens over and over — the governor proposes some budget busting idea designed to enhance his political capital with the Obama administration, and the Senate and House go through the motions of legitimate debate but always give the governor what he wants. What a sham! And shame on the citizens of Maryland for their role in perpetuating this charade at the ballot box.

L. Koch, Reisterstown

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