Columnist unfair to attack Rep. Paul Ryan on women's issues

(KAL )
August 20, 2012

Susan Reimer must have been in a hurry to excoriate Rep. Paul Ryan because she didn't bother to get her facts or her logic straight ("Ryan and the GOP's women problem," Aug. 16).

When did Rep. Paul Ryan disrespect nuns? Ms. Reimer says the nuns' objections to Mr. Ryan's economic principles are a bellwether for other women voters. But she's so anxious to get that Democratic propaganda out that she gets the message garbled in the process.

When Congressman Ryan was "jousting" with the Jesuit priests at Georgetown, I wonder if he got their opinion on abortion, same-sex marriage, birth control, etc.

Mr. Reimer also mentioned that Mr. Ryan probably knows more about the budget than a lot of people, including the president. Maybe the president should be doing his job as president and not be out campaigning and fundraising three or four days a week.

Marie Mullen

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