What the housing market in your community looks like

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August 20, 2012|Jamie Smith Hopkins

Which neighborhood in Baltimore has had the most home sales this year? Which ZIP code in the region is the priciest?

And perhaps more to the point: What's going on in your area?

Get those answers with our newest installment in housing-market number crunching.

You can check out interactive maps. Here's the change in average price by ZIP code, the change in sale numbers by ZIP code, the change in price by city neighborhood and the change in sales by city neighborhood.

You can play with our searchable database, which has all the figures by ZIP code.

You can lookyloo at this photo gallery of the priciest ZIP codes in the region and neighborhoods in the city, or this gallery of other housing-market extremes (which between them answer the first two questions posed above).

And, the Sun being a newspaper and all, you can read about the larger trends in this story.

Every six months we put together this involved housing-market package, and a lot of manhours (womanhours?) go into it. Many thanks to Adam Marton for the user database and online maps, to Nick Tann for the print-edition maps and to Liz Pillow for the photo galleries.

Enjoy, I hope.

Got a housing news tip or experience to share? (Or just want to tell me something?) Email me at jhopkins@baltsun.com.

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