Stop wasting American lives in Afghanistan

August 19, 2012

Regarding your recent report that more than 250 members of the Maryland National Guard are being deployed to Afghanistan ("More Md. Guard units headed to Afghanistan," Aug. 15):

Over the past 10 years hundreds of American soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan, including 34 this year alone. Yet neither presidential candidate says a word about this lunacy.

The presidential dialogue does include charges that Mitt Romney is "deranged" and President Barack Obama is a "liar." That's hardly the talk of serious statesmen.

Will either candidate have the decency and courage to tell the American people what German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck said of a similarly insane expedition in the l870s: "Not a single hair on the head of a single ... soldier should be wasted on that cesspool of corruption, sexism and superstition."

H. L. Goldstein, Towson

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