Notes on Perry Hills and Maryland's football scrimmage

New Terps quarterback is poised

August 18, 2012|By Jeff Barker | The Baltimore Sun

Here’s my quick, five-cent take on new Maryland quarterback starter Perry Hills during Saturday’s open scrimmage:

Hills is bulky, pretty unflappable, and athletic enough to be a serious running threat. And his passing? Too soon to tell. For sheer accuracy, backup Caleb Rowe – who is also about 6-foot-3 but slighter than Hills – may have done more to impress on Saturday. But the offense during these scrimmages is pretty scaled-down, so we really haven’t seen how well Hills can throw.

When you’re playing a true freshman quarterback, you need, above all, to trust him to manage the offense. Coaches seem to naturally trust Hills, who projects calm. He was a legitimate top wrestler at his western Pennsylvania high school, and that says something about his focus and competitive drive.

Hills sure has a weapon in Stefon Diggs, who had three touchdowns (punt return, kickoff return and reception) in the scrimmage. If you're a Terps fan, you just hope that teams will kick to him during the season.

But what would really benefit Hills is a consistent running game. It's hard to tell if that’s on the horizon. I like Brandon Ross, the second-year tailback who played first team Saturday with Justus Pickett, Albert Reid and Wes Brown behind him.

But I just don’t know how Maryland’s offensive line will develop. Starters Max Garcia and R.J. Dill transferred in the offseason. The current group is kind of a wild card – we’ll just have to wait and see.

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